AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: DATE: 7/13/2002 11:18:00 PM ----- BODY:
And you thought Martha Stewart was evil. The specimen at left which I will grudgingly call a man, is an example of genes gone wrong. His father is Ted Williams, an all-American hero who devoted his life to the livelihood of others, whether supporting kids with cancer or serving his country in the military, or giving a generations of American kids someone to truly look up to. This "man" at left, John Henry Williams, is as big a disgrace as his father was a hero. Appointed to care for his father in his declining years, John Henry repaid his father's generosity to him in his childhood and toward others in general with abuse I am almost too ashamed to post here. Almost. As the great Ted Williams was reduced to an invalid through a series of strokes, John Henry kept him prisoner in his own home. He made him into a one-man sweatshop, forcing him to sign bats, balls and other baseball memorabilia until Williams' hand was too weak to lift a pen. When Williams became too weak to work, John Henry punished him by withholding food. If Ted Williams had ever punished his son by starving him, we'd see him in a wholly different light. He'd be a child abuser instead of a hero. He'd have been prosecuted, at least in the court of public opinion, if not in that of the United States. Not John Henry, though. He's still walking free in both senses. And while I'm almost too ashamed to speak of his father's ill treatment and their pathetic relationship, he's not, and that's infinitely worse. Now that Daddy's dead, John Henry has put his disgusting brain to work fashioning yet another money-making scheme. Despite multiple witnesses to a conversation in which Ted insisted on cremation and told his son he was "crazy" for wanting to cryogenically freeze him (thus showing that despite multiple strokes, Ted's mind was still functioning more healthily than that of his son), John Henry insists that that was his father's wish. Barring the discovery of any written testament to that fact, John Henry has said that Ted must not have thought about it, and that as his heir, he can do with his body as he pleases. Personally, I think that John Henry has done enough to Ted Williams' body already. Starving him. Hitting him. Forcing him to work himself into exhaustion. Psychologically browbeating him. Holding him prisoner. Personally, I think John Henry should get his grubby little hands off of his father, and if he won't do it voluntarily, someone should make him. But John Henry knows no shame. After the discovery of a fairly recent will signed by Ted ordering cremation--a wish verbally confirmed by the late slugger to countless witnesses--John Henry claims to have an even more recent will that approves of the freezing plan. Then another revelation that John Henry had learned to forge Ted's signature once Ted couldn't even be physically tortured into writing (those strokes really cut down on the cash flow, don't they, John?), and the plot thickens. So why is John Henry so determined to freeze Ted Williams? Here even his motives are as filthy as his machinations--his father's body parts will go for a king's ransom. Certain mentally unbalanced women may want to be artificially inseminated by Teddy Ballgame, and his other wretched offspring seems all too happy to comply. Then there's the worst of all--most nuts who subscribe to the junk science of cryogenics seem to think that someday those frozen can be brought back to life. What then, John? Clone him and raise him as your own, so you can torture him from babyhood? Or revive him to the same life of hell you kept him in as an elderly adult? In other words, ladies and gentlemen, John Henry plans to use his father's corpse as just another money-making machine. Ted Williams isn't even being given the right to choose what will happen to his dead body, and that right is being denied by his own son. I don't know about you, but I've never heard of anything more pathetic and horrible in my entire life. Burn in hell, John Henry. You don't deserve even the air you breathe, let alone your family name.