AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: DATE: 12/26/2003 04:22:00 PM ----- BODY:
You know what, why don't all of you just go read Rebecca's blog:
Since I like a list and stuff Im going to make one. It's called "You know it's Christmas when:" 1. The person in the SUV in front of you starts waving every other car in line in front of him to make up for being an evil naughty person all year, in turn pissing you off because you are behind him and have shit to do. 2. You stand in front of the display of squeaky toys at Petco for a half an hour pondering "Monkey or Hedgehog?" and mentally listing the pros and cons of each. Well she could choke on that pom pom on Hedgie's hat, but the monkey's squeak factor only registers a squeak of about a three.... 3. You want to buy buy buy for everyone and everything. You don't have this kind of money and feel guilty about that but you still spend too much money because you love to give things to people, even it what you give them is really something you wanted but they don't. 4. The line at Great Cuts is long but they actually have the proper personnel to make your wait a mere half hour this time instead of two hours. Good times. 5. Mad cow, and just in time for the holidays! 6. Family feud, and just in time for the holidays! 7. Pork stock futures are up. 8. The department of homeland security scares the shit out of all of us by making the threat level Orange for no apparent reason. 9. The finally announced that they caught Saddam even though they really caught the bitch last summer. 10. A Christmas Story has been playing non stop for about three months now and you can watch it and watch it until you drown in a puddle of your own drool.