AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: DATE: 2/25/2004 11:11:00 AM ----- BODY:
Another one of these weird poems...not sure where I'm going with this
got my third flat tire in two weeks jimmy at the auto shop patched it up turns out this time it was a little piece of metal stuck between the treads slow leak i says jimmy is it finally fixed no offense but i don't want to come back here too soon he says yeah it's fine now i guarantee it if its not you can throw me in the water what water i says and he says that crick out back you can throw me in that is if you can pick me up nah you cant pick me up youre just a girl huh i says of course i can pick you up dont tempt me and he says i tell ya what you pick me up ill give ya a free oil change i says just name a time and a place he says i gotta warn ya i weigh about 220 you know my dad says when i get home his little nephew drount out the merrimack river just had it on the news yep jimmys nephew same last name and everything hate to be that poor woman was supposed to be watching him just three years old and drount i tell him about the oil change and my dad says id hate to be hangin by my thumbs since he weighed 220