AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: DATE: 2/24/2004 07:53:00 PM ----- BODY:
Here it is, impatient Michele...
student film yeah he pimped his way through modern drama he pulled a fuckin three five oh that was fuckin we have to hang lights at the theater tomorrow linz oh my god so i definitely shouldn't smoke any more remember how you were earlier yeah dude i remember that you and your fuckin blue eyed blonde haired girls do you know how many holes i burned in this carpet don't even worry about it got some advice for ya don't drink any beer bottle that looks empty dude were gonna have cops in here any second and if anyones underage were all fucked yeah i know i think i tied them too tight what about the poor laces whose job it is to hold your shoes together dude im drunk and im stoned and who are these girls oh man look at those fuckin shoes man what the fuck those are horrible i don't even have any shoes like that i don't even have shoes on im sportin socks here tried to make out with ashley yeah that sketchy kid in there definitely tried to kiss me in the kitchen and i pushed him away and said getthefuckaway and he said whatthefuck i need a dollar to bet on poker hold on have you seen that video they bang on a crustacean like a crab can someone drive my car home i used to get fucked up man and i dont do that no more and at my stepmonsters house i went to school in harlem and went home to brooklyn and i found this joint under the bed and i brush the dust bunnies off the joint and im like damn where a match and i went to look at family feud and then im dragging myself to my room and im like fuck that i aint doin that nomore and that was may 1981 and i was 16 years old OH MY GOD DO YOU KNOW WHAT I DID i was duct taped to a chair and there were onions in my eyes no wait listen im doing this scene where he shoots me and i can't get the one tear to roll for the camera so they end up standing over me rubbing onions in my eyes but im still all dried up so theyre squeezing oranges into my eyes so i'm duct taped to a chair and there are onions in my eyes and then i finally get it so now we do the scene where he shoots me and theyre using animal blood beet juice and liver parts and when he shoots me they splat it on the wall and it splashes down all over me running down my face so im duct taped to a chair and there are onions in my eyes and animal parts running down my face and oh sweet jesus there was duct tape on my mouth too and it had been fournahalf hours so he ripped the duct tape off sometimes and let me have a cigarette so its all good what are you ladies talking about over here really kid grow some balls and take a fuckin side no i stand between the light and the dark somebodys gotta stand there i think its somewhat similar to going commando do you want me to say something funny so you can write it down no dude okay thats like im trying to take a picture and youre looking at the camera you know what i find the one rule is on cockfighting always bet on the skinny rooster ill tell ya the rule dont fight with your cock i hope you get that on film so you can use that later what are you writing dude seriously man i told you quit looking