AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: DATE: 3/11/2004 12:15:00 AM ----- BODY:
Happy Belated Birthday Meathead reports that March 8 was the tenth anniversary of the release of The Downward Spiral. That means it's been ten years since MTV was any good. Ten years since the "Parental Advisory Sticker" was a big controversy. Ten years since "Closer" was a rebellion. Ten years since Marilyn Manson was the Antichrist. Ten years since two of my friends had to chip in to buy me a CD, because CDs were a brand new thing, and they cost fifteen dollars, and that was a shitload of money on an allowance. Ten years since pop culture was aimed at me, and my friends, and what we liked. Ten years since I first saw Trent lick that microphone. Ten years since I wasn't allowed to go to the concert. Ten years since I couldn't afford to go to the concert. Ten years since I was scared to go to the concert. Ten years I've regretted not going to the concert. Ten years since my dad taped NYPD Blue over my videotape of the concert on MTV. Ten years since my first rock star. Ten years since the last time I took geometry class. Ten years since I thought I was in love with any number of silly little boys who wouldn't have known what to do with a girl if she fell in their lap--and I did, and they didn't. Ten years since The Crow was my favorite movie, and Kathleen and I would watch it practically every day. Ten years since my grandmother passed away, ten years since I asked my journal, "Where is God???" Ten years since I thought acquiring a driver's license was the key to happiness. Ten years since I was fourteen years old--ten years since I could last legitimately be called a child. Ten years. A whole decade. There are kids going into middle school right now--middle school!--who were born the same year the seminal album of my adolescence was released. Ten years ago this month, I awoke to rock 'n' roll, and hormones, and parties, and boys, and cars, and high school, and, of course, wrapped up somewhere in all of that, the fact that I would die someday. Ten years. A whole decade. It's official: I'm on the "other side" now. The "parental" side. The "square" side. I mean, what better indication is there but your favorite album of all time being ten years old??? There's nothing cool about ten years. Twenty years, and you're retro. Five, and you're on the edge of cool. Ten just means outdated. Ten years is the void. It's official; I'm old.