AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: DATE: 4/24/2004 11:24:00 AM ----- BODY:
White Hen so i had to stop at the whitehen cause the traffic at the doubleds was backin up washington street already dont know what it is over there but every morning no matter how early people are lined up there like its the last gas for 500 miles or somethin anyways the whitehen isnt as crowded right on the way to work but theres still usually a bunch of old men in there gamblin every morning seems like only in the morning ill go in there use the atm maybe pour myself a cuppa coffee carefully select a breakfast item from their bakery section this morning it was a chocolate chip muffin though i have been known to get a plain bagel toasted with butter and when i do that therell be some old man in there before i got there and hell still be there when i leave scratchin scratch tickets takin em back up the counter gettin six more scratchen em at the little counter taken em back up gettin two more scratchin some more taken em back up so today i go in there and use the atm pour myself a cuppa coffee carefullly select a breakfast item from their bakery section then i go up to pay and theres some old dude standing there askin over and over again what its called when ya let the cashier pick the number is that an automatic numba or a quick pick he says mickey hey mick is that an automatic numba is that what its called the indian cashier guy he says yeah its automatic yeah its automatic pay or leave and the guys still bawlin at his buddy whos scratchin away mickey yo mick im talkin here the other cashier guy he says hey man what the hell you doing you holding up de whole line man guy keeps hollerin then theres this poor bastard behind me juggling eggs bisquick milk doing his grocery shopping at the whitehen i guess kinda sad but anyway hes standin there and kinda fidgeting kinda like i am cause its cuttin a little close to tenof and i gotta be to work even though its like thirty seconds down the road still gotta take off soon so the second cashier guy rings up the eggs guy and me while those gamblers are still gummin up the works yellin at each other i finally pay for my coffee you know they got ghetto coffee hafta doublecupit anyways theres no real ending to this story except as im payin the eggs guy comes back in runs full speed into one of the aisles you hear him slammin boxes around wondering what the big emergency is he comes back practically elbows me outta the way slaps down a box of friskies catfood the cashier guy hollers at him youre a fool man forgot the damn cat