AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: DATE: 5/25/2004 01:59:00 PM ----- BODY:

Eat the Rich

Last night I happened upon a show on A & E that completely blew me away. It's called Family Plots, and it's a reality show about a family-run mortuary. At first, I was psyched; this kind of show is right up my alley. I thought we were going to get to see all kinds of in-depth autopsy information. Nope. It was a reality show like any other. Bratty women and overbearing men and spoiled children competing to see who can whine the loudest. One of the three sisters who work for their father in the funeral home, though, stood out enough to turn me off the show entirely. Granted, I haven't been following the "plot", so I'm not sure what the story is with her, but the best I can figure it out is that she has a lot of money and no responsibilities. In her segments of the show she talks about how she only works part time and how great it is, and then is seen lounging about various areas of her gigantic house that she appears to live in by herself in various pieces of highly expensive nightwear. Her chief problem that day is her upcoming hair and nails appointment, as well as which shoes she will wear. I finally had to change the channel (and given the possibilities of witnessing the embalming process, you know that's big for me) when she was rolling her eyes and grousing about having to pick up her sisters' kids after talking to them on her state-of-the-art mobile phone while driving her BMW. I was thinking to myself, who the hell is this person? Did she win the lottery or some kind of cash settlement? How does she have all this stuff with only a part time job? By the time she was explaining that "other people have kids, so they can spoil them, and some of us choose not to have kids so we can spoil ourselves," I was thinking, die. No, wait. First tell me where you got all that money from. Then die. Right. As angry as I got at this person, though, she also made me feel a little bit better about myself, by demonstrating exactly how money and possessions aren't everything. I would much rather be as intelligent, driven, responsible and interesting a person as I am without her wealth than have her wealth and be that vacuous. Having both would be nice, though.