AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: DATE: 6/30/2004 12:29:00 PM ----- BODY:

Nothing Quite Like the Feel of Something New

Blogger has this feature that is probably not new, but has only recently come to my attention: user profiles. Today and yesterday and probably tomorrow at work it has fallen to me to complete a spreadsheet project so unutterably tedious I've been contemplating defenestration since it came across my desk. After sufficient hours of typing little numbers into little slots I lose my ability to see straight, and so must rest my brain by surfing the Internet for a few minutes. Meanwhile, the other day I was attempting to comment on someone's blog and found that their comments system required me to sign into Blogger and create a profile to do so. And so way leads on to way and now I have a profile, which asked me to list my interests and say clever things that would attract people of similar interests to my site, and I don't know if that'll work. And today, while spreadsheeting, I quickly tired of the usual blogs (and too many of the bloggers I read regularly are apparently more interested in the lovely June weather than posting) and decided to try out one of the more interesting features of the Blogger user profile: when you list an interest, whether it's "Writing" or "Chuck Palahniuk" or "Pushing old ladies into traffic", Blogger creates a link to other people who put down the same interest. So today I clicked on my first listed interest, "Writing," and came up with a list of other users who listed writing. And stumbled into the world of Linus Ingoldsby. He's what Ryan Decarolis would be like if he kept a Blog. Except in Ireland. The only drawback to this discovery is the knowledge that his short entries are much more entertaining than my long-winded ones and that the little clevernesses on his profile were successful where mine probably aren't. Another issue I'm having with this fascinating little tour of the blogosphere is that now the spreadsheets have grown even more boring by comparison. Something I did not think was possible. *** Other people more interesting than me:
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