AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: DATE: 7/21/2004 05:34:00 PM ----- BODY:
  Online convo w/ Jane (Cult member). She's from Nebraska, which is important in this context.
janeannskinner: I'm recording Jeopardy! ConfessionalPoet: sweet ConfessionalPoet: um. ConfessionalPoet: why janeannskinner: cause my dad's out of town and Ken Jennings is his hero ConfessionalPoet: ohhh yeah that guy janeannskinner: he's the badass janeannskinner: he's got like 1.2 million ConfessionalPoet: i know i heard but i haven't been following. i figure if i start now i'll just be a bandwagon poseur janeannskinner: hahah, who cares janeannskinner: he's so smaht it'll make your head hurt, you should watch it at least once ConfessionalPoet: LOL YOU SAID SMAHT!!  janeannskinner: just for you baby :D ConfessionalPoet: LOL!!! janeannskinner: seriously though!ConfessionalPoet: :-D ConfessionalPoet: that made my night janeannskinner: you should watch it with me and we can be all "MY BOY KEN'S WICKED SMAHT!"
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