AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: DATE: 7/21/2004 09:02:00 AM ----- BODY:

Only Skunks, that Search in the Moonlight for a Bite to Eat *

the fuck why do you do this to me i wanna go with you the fuck away from me sick of your shit stop following me i'm tellin ya wait wait a seckint come back don't what are you i didn't do anything wrong look i don't cayah i don't cayah i'm leavin i'm not goin back wit you come on let me in let me in joshie why  no no nooo joshie get the fuck off me stupid fucking cawnt i want you gone then why you still steandin theyah YORA FUCKIN LIAH hey botha youse shut the fuck carol get in the house seriously man josh i'm sorry about this CAROL GETINTHEFUCKINHOUSE ya fuckin crazy right now i'm not crazy i'm not i'm not i'm not ask any wonna my kids my son's asleep upstayas cahnt i go gettim? come on joshie gimme the keys i ain't givin you nuttan carol yora fuckin nut stop it wouldja just stop lookit botha youse cops are gonna come cops are gonna come josh why dontcha call the cops yaself tell em you wanna leave but ya cahnt tell em you wanna leave but ya cahnt crazy bitch won't letchya that's retahded i am nawt crazy i am nawwwt. i am nawwwt i just wanna be wit you josh i just wanna be wit you carol i don't wanna hafta pushya get in the fuckin get GET IN THE FUCKIN HOUSE NOW whatd i evah do to youse guys huh? carol the copsa gonna come josh just drive away just get goin carol i'm not goin back to the bah wityou ya fuckin crazy right now i am not crazy i am nawwt carol you are you are fuckin crazy right now josh get outta here carol shut up carol yora fuckin nut you ah ay fuckin nut