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Around the Blogosphere

Anyone who has a free blog has a Blogger navbar installed where those annoying Google ads used to be. On it is a very intriguing button: "Next Blog". Next in terms of what? Numerical order? Creation date? Geographical area? Alphabetical order? None of the above, as far as I can tell. But today I decided to push that button a few times and see what happened. Here are the results (I omitted those not in English): Great North Run 2004--This guy seems a little full of himself, but he makes some interesting observations, including this one:
I sometimes wonder if its just me, but when I come away from my sessions at the gym I am bathed in sweat, and have drank mountains of water. Today while running I took the opportunity to look around in the mirrors and noticed so many people just sitting reading Hello magazines on bikes or just trying to look good while not really doing anything.
...and this one:
This evening it was bright and sunny, so I decided it was time for a hard run up and down along the coast, this involved running along the Tynemouth North Pier. I could not help notice how fast birds fly, I was running full pelt against the wind and the sea gulls just floated past with the minimum of effort.
Pirate Aggro says "These are my publicly private thoughts. No one who knows me personally knows this blogg exists. It's a way for me to hammer out my own thoughts and perhaps connect with others." His most recent entry, about being a married bisexual man, was fascinating, amusing and heartbreaking at the same time. Files of the "Mad Stitcher" as far as I can tell is about a seamstress / webmistress? Either way, there's a lot of "stress". At least in this entry, she talks like Lt. Commander Data from Star Trek. But I like Data. He was my favorite character (not that I ever watched Star Trek, mind you). Our Blog-- a photo blog, seems to be of a boyfriend and girlfriend / husband and wife. Not sure which one is doing the posting or if it's both. Some interesting shots, though. Chumbo's Treefort has the same blog template as Steve. Strange how things become poetry when you don't know their context:
Well... tonight was supposed to be corn on the cob night. I baked some meatless spicy chik'n wings, brussel sprouts, and cobs of corn. However, I had some diffuclty sticking my fork into the final cob, which resulted in my plunging said fork about a quarter inch into my thumb.
Longboarder is about surfing. Contains a highly technical entry comparing polyurethane and epoxy surfboards, which I read, which should give you an idea of how little convincing I need to read something. Entrepeneurs is about...well...entrepeneurship. Which is a good thing, because it uses the word "entrepeneur" about twenty times in its most recent entry. Hm. Matt S's Site appears to be Bible study. What that has to do with Twinkies I don't know. At the end of each Biblical synopsis he states questions or says "no questions". Which really makes me wonder who he's writing it for. "Why does it skip Jesus's childhood, all this year skipping is throwing me off?" Stay tuned, kid. What's All This Then?--one o' them thar politickin' blogs. Much of the entry about supposedly forged documents appearing on 60 Minutes is fairly nonsensical, but the following statement was fairly amusing: "Now she [Martha Stewart]’s asking to begin serving her time as soon as possible, even though her appeals are pending. She says she wants to get it behind her as quickly as possible. If she’d have made the same decision back in July, when she was sentenced, she’d be looking forward to being released in time to celebrate Christmas at home. Now she’ll be spending the holidays advising hookers and spouse killers how to make Christmas wreaths from toilet paper and toenail clippings." Mognet Challenge has a link to e Scrabble. Most of my friends and loved ones are now cursing the invention of the Blogger Navbar. Live Lees--precious:
Everything seems to be becoming routine now. The girls get up in the morning, sit lifelessly in front of the TV for a while, at a certain point they realize they are awake and hungry and start complaining that they are "starving to death" waiting for breakfast. After feeding time (sometimes the house feels like a zoo), they are supposed to get dressed. This is usually the time when child #1 starts yelling at me because the outfit she wants to wear "isn't clean", or "doesn't fit", or "can't be found". Somehow all of these things are directly my fault and I am a bad person for there occurrence. Meanwhile, child #2 is laying as a lifeless lump on the floor apparently waiting for her nursemaid to dress her. When it is suggested to her that she really should get dressed she flips her body onto the opposite side it had been on, and continues to play dead. Eventually with much prodding (a cattle brand would come in handy), she goes upstairs to get dressed making sure to groan at each step to make us aware of her discontent with the situation. It is absolutely inevitable that she comes downstairs with an outfit on that is either completely inappropriate for the weather or the days activity. If it is 95 degrees she is sure to come downstairs with a wool sweater and tights (with or without a skirt). If she is supposed to be getting in school clothes she is sure to come down in a Tutu. At this point, parental intervention is necessary, but it isn't pretty. Imagine trying to put a chimpanzee on caffeine into a wet suit and you can get a vague idea of what it is like to try to get Sophie to change her outfit.
I don't know about you, but this is voyeuristic and utterly fascinating to me. I am having an experience, here. It's like getting to walk past strangers and hear their thoughts. Babbling Brooks "believes most problems can be solved with weaponry of a high enough calibre." He's Canadian. Just Another Caper--"So Cale calls me last night and says that he doesn't want to continue jamming with me, which is a let down to be sure. I feel almost a spiritual need to rock, and I have been seperated from the source for four years now." Among the best pairs of sentences ever written. Money Factory--A Husband's metamorphosis from a sexual predator to a faithful partner. A wife's transformation from frigidity to nymphomania. Wtf? I collapsed and nuzzled into Victoria's soft neck, stroking her tanned, flat stomach. This was good. This was too good. This had the power to wreck my life. Wow. Yea......... contains ranting, and the clever use of bold and enlarged font. Entertaining reading. I kinda have a thing for someone but two people told me they kinda like him too and it feels very much like I want to cut off my hands or do something drastic. Impossible to tell the age of this person. Wait...
to do list: Get the fuck out of here Dump all my friends and start a new life without everyone Go take a nap Take a shower Decide what the fuck I am going to do with my life Learn to be ok with having only one true friend. I'm only going to miss Lauren. Kantara, Pete, Sam, and Amy all have new friends and lives now. It's cool. Good for them. You know that feeling when all you want to do is be left alone but then when you are and you just sit and cry about how not one person wants to be around you? But then you yell at someone when they knock on your door. It's majorly fucked up, that's what it is. My mom kissed me on the head and said "I love you" to me before she left this morning. She didn't know that I was awake. WHY THE FUCK AM I SO SAD? I HAVE NO REASON TO BE THIS SAD! I'm such a disappointment as a person. I'm going now. I can't sit at this computer for any longer right now.
Okay. Seventeen. Got it. I highly recommend this little exercise.