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I RULE! Posted by Hello
I am in my underwear. I am in my underwear and a t-shirt, bare feet, reading glasses on my makeup-less, slightly greasy (okay, more than slightly greasy) face. My hair could be wrung out and used to make french fries. I reiterate, I am in my underwear. And I'm at work. Yep. Today is a WAH (Work At Home) Day. My computer at work was having Net connection issues, and I finally went up to my boss yesterday and said, "Look. I have a computer at home that's three times faster, a broadband connection that not only works, but is about ten times faster, and 90% of my work this week is internet research. So..." And he let me stay home to work today. I have never experienced this WAH phenomenon before. It is a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful thing. I mean, I didn't realize it till today, but my life would have been nowhere near complete without the chance to be paid while not wearing any pants--and I'm not nearly good-looking enough to be a stripper, so this was probably my only opportunity.