AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: Getting to Know You Better DATE: 10/08/2004 04:20:00 PM ----- BODY:
Got this as an email forward. Figured it's easier to post it here than to flood your inboxes. Name: Beth Birthdate: July 6 (same as Gee-Dub. Ew.) Favorite Cartoon: Animated = Invader Zim; Still = Calvin & Hobbes Favorite Holiday Song: "O Holy Night" -- very dramatic. I also like it as sung by Eric Cartman Number of tattoos/piercings: Zero. I had pierced ears as a teenager but couldn't be bothered. They closed up. *shrug* Favorite Horror Movie: Without question, the Halloween series. So unintentionally hilarious. Book You’re Reading Right Now: The Meaning of Sports: Why Americans Watch Baseball, Football, and Basketball and What They See When They Do by Michael Mandelbaum Favorite Spice (i.e cinnamon, garlic, etc): Salt. I'm a simple girl. If you could meet anyone on Earth, who would it be: I'll have to quote Andy on this one: "Trent Reznor. But I'd probably be like "holy crap! you're trent reznor!" and I'd act like an idiotic idiot." Would you eat a pig’s anus for $30,000? It would depend on how it was cooked. I've seen people on Iron Chef eat worse for less. If your life depended on it, would you prefer to walk (not run) naked on a crowded street for five minutes or give a presentation to a thousand people for two hours?: Presentation. I can talk my way out of anything. Me being publicly naked would probably cause deaths. Who do you love – Joanie or Cha-Chi?: Are you saying I'm gay? Who is your fantasy date? Tom Brady. Rainy Days and Mondays – love or hate?: Depends on the Monday, love the rain. Favorite Soup: Clam chowder. I'm allergic to it, though. Someday I will get over this. Slippers, socks or both? Neither. I hate having anything on my feet. Have you ever picked your nose when no one is looking?: No WAY. That is DISGUSTING and I would NEVER admit to doing such a thing. Liberace or Rip Taylor? Um...Elton John? Who is more annoying? – Tim Allen, Fran Drescher, Gilbert Gottfried or Joan Rivers: Joan Rivers. She's the only one who's not supposed to be funny. Sand under your feet – soothing or like nails on a chalk board? At the time = nice. Afterwards when my feet are all dry and gross? Eugh. Shower or bath? Shower - I always fantasize about taking a nice bath with the whole works, bath beads, candles, etc. But knowing me I'd set my hair on fire with the candles, accidentally get bath bead oil in my eyes, drop my book in the bath, and wish I'd taken a shower. Do you secretly like Saved By the Bell? No. If so, who is your favorite character? I thought Mark Paul Gosselar was cute when I was like, twelve. Does that count? Favorite Brady Bunch episode: N/A. I hate the Brady Bunch. No, no, put those crucifixes away. Thanks for taking the survey – you are officially a freak! Um...thanks? ________________________ Note: you may see some entries missing. They have been taken down for discretionary purposes at the advice of my mother, who I have learned the very, very, very, very hard way to listen to at all times. There will be something of substance up here again soon...I just haven't figured out what it'll be.