AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: Grand Reopening DATE: 11/16/2004 10:39:00 AM ----- BODY:
My Book Blog is the bastard child of my Blog Empire. That's ok. Not all of them can be wildly popular icons of online self-published journalistic integrity. And yet my Book Blog is probably my most dignified blog, and has for some time been my repository for not just books, but movies, music, television and website reviews, as well as links to and excerpts from any number of articles I find interesting. And now, after much hair-tearing and teeth-gritting and screaming and cursing and flailing about, it has been given a nice new look complete with one of my Original Photographs (tm). So basically, if you're one of those people who looks and me and wonders, "where does she get this shit?!?!" the bookblog's the place to look. Just thought I'd tell ya.