AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: Life in George W. Bush's America DATE: 11/18/2004 08:31:00 PM ----- BODY:
The key to dealing with a corporate setting, of course, is to assume that everyone is just looking to put one more dollar in his pocket in all circumstances and when making all decisions. Jose knows it sounds cold and calculating, but it really does help. If one never makes the mistake of assuming he is anything more than a number on a spreadsheet with a dollar sign next to it, one is never hurt or surprised. --Jose Melendez
An email circulated at my workplace announcing that they will be raising the cost of health benefits. Or, rather, "they" won't be, as in, the people at work--no, rather, the greedy hellbound souls in privatized insurance are jacking up the costs ever higher, and so my company will be FORCED to raise the cost of our health benefits. Of course, it wasn't that news, but another sentence in the email that got to me:
"A recent study showed that 39% of the companies our size have been forced to stop offering their employees health benefits altogether."
How long before healthcare is the privelege only of the very rich? How long before having a general family physician is akin to owning a yacht or a stable of racehorses? How long before busting my ass 40+ hours a week means I'm no longer entitled to be taken care of as a productive member of fucking society? I hope the assholes from the major insurance companies are laughing their asses off all the way to the bank with my health.