AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: Memo to America: DATE: 11/08/2004 10:20:00 AM ----- BODY:
Via Steve Brady, a letter to the Globe:
November 8, 2004 MASSACHUSETTS LIBERALS were right about the benefits of free public education, about Abolition, about women's suffrage, about unmarried women's right to birth control, about civil rights. We were right that the Vietnam War was a huge mistake. We were the only ones who voted against Richard Nixon, and he was later forced out of office. The vast majority of people now agree with us on all of these issues, yet at the time we were in the minority or stood alone. Today we are accused of thinking we know better than others by people who fear that we do, and don't want to face the hard truths that acknowledgement will make them have to deal with: *That the war with Iraq is not successful; *That Al Qaeda has been made stronger by our loss of focus on it; *That we are less safe than ever, and the world hates us for good reason; *That cutting taxes in wartime, which has never been done before, will lead to choking deficits that will limit our economic possibilities indefinitely. I am not smug. I suffer with everyone else, spiritually and economically. Smug are those who benefit from George W. Bush's mistakes. PATRICIA RACKOWSKI Dorchester