AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: Of Tryptophan and Icy Feet DATE: 11/29/2004 10:28:00 AM ----- BODY:
I'm feeling fairly run down today. Not sure why. Oh, no, wait, I know why. It's because I don't take care of myself physically, not even one little bit. I'm getting sick of it, which is probably progress in a way, but not at the point of actually doing anything about it. So today's general symptoms include body aches, headache, "brain fog", and--most alarmingly--an overwhelming chill, which has been happening to me off and on of late; ever since I went to Heather's house last weekend, which is when this started happening, I have intermittent periods where I feel like I just cannot get warm. My hands and feet are like ice and I'll huddle under a blanket and still shiver. Maybe I'm sick? Could be, but I don't really feel too sick, just cold. And tired. I feel like...I feel like I want a fuzzy blanket, my couch, a hot bowl of soup, Tori Amos and a book. (Note: this all but confirms I'm not really sick. If I'm really sick, that is far too complicated a scenario for me to actually act out. Me being really sick generally entails frequent moaning and excessive sleeping, end of story.) Well, anyway. Not too much else to say for myself today. Guess I just wanted to whine into the blogosphere and see what echoes come back.