AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: Pulling the Puzzles Apart DATE: 11/27/2004 03:06:00 PM ----- BODY:
Pictures from New Jersey are up. I thought about cross-referencing them with the earlier entries here about the weekend, but then I decided you could meet me halfway, ya lazy bastards. Meanwhile, all I can really bring myself to write about today is how freakin' much I have to write. As Sheila put it, "Too many stories to tell. I am CLOGGED with stories. It is inSANE how many stories I have." A brief list of the things I am working on:
1) A review of a book I recently finished (!!) for the bookblog; 2)A perfectly composed, haunting, heartbreaking work of staggering genius (tm) about the CD by The Killers I bought recently and how much I'm enjoying it and why; 3) A brilliant comedic gem all about my Thanksgiving; 4) An insightful, touching piece about the Red Sox World Series victory, part of a series of essays on the subject I've been publishing in parts on the sports blog to the acclaim of my many fans; 5) A scathing, passionate manifesto about my political beliefs as inspired by reading Bitch magazine yesterday at Borders, entitled "Why Do Anarchist College Students Smoke Cigarettes? Thoughts from a radical moderate".
Instead, this is what I have accomplished today:
1) Sleeping in until 11:30 am; 2) Not actually getting out of bed until 1:30 pm, spending that time reading ESPN:the Magazine, The New Yorker (The New Yorker! Who the hell am I?!?!?), and some of The Time Traveler's Wife; 3) Getting out of bed; peeing; checking blogs; 4) Eating turkey and stuffing for "brunch", hell, let's just call it "lazymeal"; 5) Making plans with Beana and Michele for later on today; 6) Making aforementioned posts to the photoblog; 7) Conferring with Tim on posts to the photoblog; 8) Conferring with Beana on posts to the photoblog; 9) Leaving messages for Heather about posts to the photoblog; 10) Posting a meme to the bookblog; 11) Thinking about taking a shower; 12) Thinking about all the shit I want to write; actually doing halfhearted research for the Red Sox piece, going so far as to post the beginning of it; 13) Crashing the computer, losing the first tender shoots of the Red Sox piece; 14) Despairing; 15) Vomiting forth this steaming load of crap
Meanwhile, the kitchen is awash in paper and unwashed dishes, the living room and bedroom are a riot of clothing, bedding, and books, and I am a greaseburger who will probably never amount to anything at the rate I'm going. Have a nice day!