AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: Atlas Shrugged DATE: 12/28/2004 02:07:00 AM ----- BODY:
The more I hear about the earthquake that struck yesterday, the less I understand anything. According to Reuters, "It was so powerful, geophysicists said, that it made the Earth wobble on its axis and permanently altered the regional map." Made the Earth wobble on its axis. I feel that my last post might be misunderstood, that I may have come across as sounding somehow cynically glad the tragedies happened, and to paraphrase Prufrock, that isn't what I meant, at all. It highlighted for me, though, how contemptible human conflict really is. Later in the day, as I listened to WBZ some more, I became offended whenever they switched stories; everything else seemed so meaningless, to the point where it seemed insulting and disgusting to talk about anything else. For example. Moving from an update on the earthquake, the news anchor began, "A voice believed to be that of Osama bin Laden..." FUCK Osama bin Laden. FUCK OSAMA BIN LADEN. Fuck him, and Dubya, and John Aschroft and Donald Rumsfeld. Fuck Ariel Sharon and Saddam Hussein and all these people that are suddenly such tiny dust specks in the face of the planet and the universe that they'd all be laughable if they weren't so despicable. Things like that earthquake, and those tsunamis, and the images of the wailing parents clutching their dead children...makes me wonder anew why human beings spend so much time and energy killing one another when the Earth could do a highly efficient job of it Herself. We take our world, the stability of our lives, the very future of our species so much for granted. And yet in the midst of the tragedy there are already relief efforts underway--relief efforts said to be the largest in the history of humanity. And what I meant in that earlier post was that maybe there is an upside to all this, that maybe we'll see more of the goodness that pierces the heart like an arrow, see more of what makes mankind in any way redeemable, instead of more of our own evil, which has seemed to run rampant over the world in recent years. Maybe everyone will drop what they're doing, look at one another and say, what the fuck were we thinking? I doubt it. But I hope. The only alternative is more Armageddon.