AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: Behind the Scenes DATE: 12/16/2004 09:14:00 AM ----- BODY:
I'm sick of this template. That I definitely know. I tried to "fix" it a while back, and ever since, it's been, well...profoundly retarded. In other news, I think I'm finally about ready to give up on the bookblog. I update it so infrequently with actual book reviews anyway that I'm about ready to fold it back into this one. No one reads it anyway. The photoblog can stay. For now. Although ultimately it might be nice to integrate that on the main blog also. The sports blog--most likely to catapult me to fame and fortune--will stay. I'd hate to disappoint my public, and really, it's best to have sports blogs stand on their own. I've been reading a lot of sites lately, and I love, love, LOVE Typepad sites. LOVE. THEM. I have a MIGHTY NEED to have be able to archive by have permalinks actually create discrete pages instead of some lame go-nowhere garbage in the address bar and nothing to show for it...comments that don't disappear in three months (thanks for nothing, Haloscan!)...HOSTING INCLUDED(!!!)... And yet, it costs. Costs big time for what I want--$14.95 a month, which is a hell of a lot to spend on the Internet. Considering I already pay Comcast more than $50 a month just to get me on the Internet. Which reminds me, did I pay my cable bill? Also, I never, never, NEVER want to be stuck with a financial issue affecting my ability to write / publish. Plus there's the continuity issue. I don't want to just have a link saying "My Old Blog" and have that disconnect. I want everything coherent, cohesive. Bound in one slim collector's-edition volume. I think for now I'll just look for a new template for this blog while I figure out what to do. That should make me feel better. Maybe.