AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: Creepsville DATE: 12/22/2004 04:19:00 PM ----- BODY:
I got a package at work today. This is not unusual. What was unusual was that the package did not contain engineering specs, machinery brochures, or other business-related documents. The package, tall and rectangular, contained a stack of three gorgeous gold-and-white boxes, striped on the bottom, with a delicate gold-on-gold paisley pattern on the tops, stacked and bound with a cranberry-colored ribbon tied at the top with a plastic mistetoe. Inside were chocolates. There are a few people who know my business address I can think of who might send this type of thing to me. None of them, however, have the name of the return addressee, and that's all there was on the label--a name (a man's name)--I didn't recognize. The package had clearly been sent directly from an online shop, by the chocolate company. Inside was a sheet of paper detailing the nutrition facts for the chocolates, and a little folded-over card with a marketing blurb about the candy and candy company. Nothing else. No note, no card, no nothing. I dumped the chocolates out into one of the candy bowls in the conference room. Several of my coworkers--among them one intrepid engineer who was present when I received and opened the package--partook of the candies, and no one is showing signs of being drugged or poisoned. But still. Even though I'll probably find out it was some vendor who's been trying to sell me something lately, or one of our business contacts who had someone else send me a holiday greeting for them, right now, this is the creepiest thing ever.