AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: House that Bush Built DATE: 12/21/2004 01:19:00 PM ----- BODY:
I'll just let the headline of this article speak for itself: "Civil War Warning after Iraq Car Bomb Kills 67." Also, apparently, a solid majority of Americans believe, for the first time, that the war in Iraq was a mistake. Well, isn't that just convenient. So we'll drive our SUVs with American flags plastered all over them while guzzling the gas that funds the house of Saud, which funds Osama bin Laden, "that lay in the house that Jack built..." Until enough people die in a single attack that it offends our squeamish senses, the very same senses that have seen uproar over Monday Night Football segments featuring implied nudity but which lie docile at the news of deaths by dribs and drabs from the desert? Hello? Was it unclear somehow, to that many people, what we were getting into in Iraq? Funny how the self-righteousness vanishes when images like the above come home. Funny how Bush and Co., and their supporters, are beginning to get a little nervous, a little fidgety, maybe, and maybe looking around to see how they can weasel their way out of it. While card-carrying Republicans across the land are suddenly scratching their heads and saying, "wait a minute..." The irony is pure and bitter. Where were you fuckers on Election Day, when you put that shithead back in office? Oh, right, I forgot. Trying to prevent gay marriage. Shame.