AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: i'll build a wall and we can keep them on the other side DATE: 12/14/2004 04:39:00 PM ----- BODY:
Here is Trent. Sitting on his couch. Not working. The picture, if we are to believe its date-stamp, shows that he was still alive as recently as October. Other pictures from the website give at least circumstantial evidence that he remains alive as we speak. And yet there he is. Sitting on his couch. Not working. On that new album he was supposed to come out with, oh, back when I was still in college. Just tell me, Trent. Just tell it like it is. Don't spare my feelings. Just write me a letter that goes like this:
Dear Beth, It's over. Find something else to obsess about. You fucking freak. Get a Life, Trent.
Don't leave me hanging. I understand fully that my adolescence is long over--but if the music of my adolescence is to disappear also, I might need to come up with a new coping skill. So if I could, you know, be kept up-to-date on the situation, that'd be greeeaaat. Otherwise, if you do actually have the slightest thought of actually putting out another record again, Trent, please kindly get off the damn couch and fucking finish it already,. And then tour. And then I'll be the chick really entirely too old for a rock concert anymore...screaming in the front row.