AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: Omnivorous DATE: 12/27/2004 09:18:00 AM ----- BODY:
You will notice a new linking system to the lower left (on this as well as the forthcoming fixed design). I finally broke down and got a Blogroll, and I have to say it has been a great relief--not to mention convenient--to join the 21st century. You can fix the links on a separate site quickly and easily, it'll sort them alphabetically, and it updates automatically. You can also do one-click blogrolling, and there's no futzing around with your blog template (which I can tell you comes as a relief to me after yesterday). It's not that I can't futz around with my blog template, at least to a certain extent. It's that I don't want to any more, you see. So anyway. There are some new links on there, stuff people who know me didn't know before that I was reading. Among them are several blogs of infertile women. I just wanted to include as my official disclaimer that I am in no way attempting to conceive, or a parent, or, as far as I know, infertile. I am also not a 30-something in New York. But I read Smitten. I am not a fiftysomething staunch Southern Republican. But I read Gut Rumbles, and quite enthusiastically, I might add. My mother once called me an omnivorous reader. I will read anything. About anything. If it's got English language on it, I'm there--cereal boxes, novels, manuals, magazines...just about anything besides Golf Digest or neo-Nazi websites, and I'll read it. Still, I felt I needed that disclaimer for those sites. Not sure why. But there it is.