AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: PWSRU Part II DATE: 12/22/2004 01:50:00 PM ----- BODY:
PWSRU: (Walks by, giving me a reproachful look) Me: Erm...hi? PWSRU: (Still looking sketchy)...hi. Me: (Ignoring voice shrieking in head saying "LEAVE IT ALONE! LEAVE IT ALONE! LEAVE IT ALONE!") What's going on? PWSRU: (Giving me, if possible, even scarier smile, coming around my desk to stand right next to me, and then, leaning down way. too. fucking. close to my ear, whispering) I just had gas in the hallway, and I feel like everyone in the conference room can hear me. I'm a little embarrassed right now. Me: (Fighting urge to scream, ever so gently moving away) O...kay...I thought... PWSRU: (Still whispering) You don't think they heard me, do you? Do you?
Oh my GOD. Is it tomorrow yet?