AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: That Lab Monkey Feeling DATE: 12/01/2004 10:23:00 AM ----- BODY:
We've had to restart the databases multiple times today because of server freezes. During the freezes, users would have encountered error pages when trying to access their blogs. We're planning on a number of improvements this week to address this very serious situation. First, we will be pushing new code to both gather information on these freezes as well as revise some features to put less strain on the database. Second, we will be effectively doubling the number of machines used to handle the db workload. I will update status with additional information our progress toward these goals. (Blogger Status Page)
Before you clutch your head and run around screaming in confusion, the blog I'm having a problem with isn't this one, but my sportsblog, for which I have SOME VERY IMPORTANT POSTS that I feel like NEED TO POST. And, of course, though my other three blogs are working beautifully, that one's giving me lip about errors. Of COURSE. So let me just mention here, as if you all care, that John W. Henry posted to SoSH yesterday, and I got a mention (and a favorable comparison with Stephen King, at least as far as his newest book about the Red Sox is concerned) on a very popular and well-trafficked Sox site. Speaking of things you don't care about, last night Stephen and I saw the episode of Chappelle's Show where he gets replaced with Wayne Brady, and we laughed so hard we're probably going to have to get rid of our couch now. Okay, not really, but that was a funnier more interesting different way of putting it than "We laughed really hard, the end." I'm going to pull the plug on this before it gets any stupider and go back to screeching at the computer and bashing the keyboard like the crazed lab monkey I am. Lab monkeys always make me think of a poem called "Do Not Put Dead Monkeys in the Freezer" by Martin Espada, which I can't find online--but it is included in a new collection of his poems, which I highly recommend, because hey, the guy gave me an "A" in his poetry class, so I owe him one. And then there's that whole "Latino poet of his generation" thing, but, you know. ... Okay, it's official: no more coffee today.