AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: Three Things DATE: 12/21/2004 01:38:00 PM ----- BODY:
Another Blogvirus, this time one I caught from Sheila. Three Names You Go By: 1. Beth - to most everyone 2. Bethy - to my family and those very close to me 3. Elizabeth - this is my "default" name, the one I automatically put down on forms, applications, and other formal documents. If people call me "Elizabeth" they usually don't know me yet, but this is good. Because I can choose who gets to call me my "real" name or not. Generally, in college, if a professor still called me "Elizabeth" by the end of a class, he or she was either very stubborn and / or someone I didn't like much. Three Things You Like About Yourself: 1. Eyes - I have to admit, I have nice, large, blue/green/grey eyes. And the fact that they're so large means my fat cheeks aren't so obtrusive. 2. Intelligence - I've often wished, in fact, that I could be just a brain floating around in space, without the bother of a physical being. 3. Hands / dexterity - I type fast, I can play the violin and the piano a little bit, and overall, I have excellent fine motor skills. Three Things You Hate/Dislike About Yourself: 1. Zits 2. Fat 3. Insecurity (can you be insecure about your own insecurity?) Three Parts of Your Heritage: 1. My mother and father - raised me with a perfect balance of love and discipline 2. My grandparents - I include both sets of my grandparents as part of my immediate family (though I live far from my mother's parents). This is apparently uncommon in many families. 3. Chelmsford, Massachusetts - I wouldn't be even close to the same person I am without having grown up in my peculiar hometown. Three Things That Scare You: 1. Flying on airplanes. 2. Loss 3. Failure Three of Your Everyday Essentials 1. Coffee 2. Writing 3. Cigarettes Three Things You Are Wearing Right Now 1. My brown tweed pants 2. Space-age longjohns from EMS 3. Reading glasses Three of Your Favorite Bands/Artists (at the moment): 1. The Killers 2. REM (been on an REM kick lately, not sure why) 3. As always, Nine Inch Nails Three of Your Favorite Songs at Present: 1. "American Idiot" by Green Day 2. "Mr. Bright Side" by the Killers 3. "Pretty Good Year" by Tori Amos Three New Things You Want to Try in the Next 12 Months: 1. A different job 2. To get published 3. To lose weight Three Things You Want Have in a Relationship (love is a given): 1. Honesty 2. Partnership 3. Comfort - As in, being comfortable with as well as comforted by my partner. Two Truths and a Lie: 1. I've shaken hands with President Bill Clinton. 2. My ears are pierced. 3. I dislike whipped cream. Three Physical Things About the Opposite Sex (or same) That Appeal to You: 1. Maturity 2. Broad shoulders / stocky build 3. Sense of humor Three Things You Just Can’t Do: 1. Water ski 2. Leave New England 3. Stop surfing the Internet at work Three of Your Favorite Hobbies: 1. Photography 2. Does blogging count as a hobby for me? If I want to actually become a professional writer? Yeah, probably. 3. Scrapbooking (though I haven't done it in a long time) Three Things You Want to do Really Badly Right Now: 1. Be sitting on my friend K's couch in Fitchburg chillin' out, smoking, and listening to music. 2. Be in bed at home with Stephen (nothing dirty--just sleeping. I'm exhausted after staying up for that travesty of a football game.) 3. Be at the movies for some reason. I've had a really strong craving to go to the movies--at the theater, nasty popcorn and all--lately. Three Places You Want to Go on Vacation: 1. Back to Oxford 2. New York City 3. Ireland Three Kids Names 1. Eric 2. Emily 3. Johanna Three Things You Want to Do Before You Die: 1. Marry Stephen 2. Become a successful writer (I know, define "successful") 3. Have children