AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: Update DATE: 12/22/2004 04:55:00 PM ----- BODY:
After some detective work (because I am TEH SUEPR JRANLIST!!!!11!!@!!!!11!!) I discovered that the package was sent to me by one of our vendors. Along the way, I found the online gift shop where the chocolates were ordered from. Turns out none of the packages like mine (although I couldn't find the exact one I was sent) cost less than $50. Fifty. Dollars. Or more. For chocolates. No wonder all my coworkers--who ate them for me after I left them in the conference room candy bowl because I was too scared to eat them myself--said they were so good. After realizing my mistake, I rushed into the room hoping to recover what chocolates I could. Gone. Without a trace. Not too surprising given that we're like piranhas in this office, anyway. Fifty dollar chocolates. And I fed them to my asshole coworkers because I was paranoid. I didn't even eat one. Just call me the Christmas Donkey.