AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: Be a Simple Kind of Man DATE: 1/15/2005 03:38:00 PM ----- BODY:
Some little things that have been making me happy lately: 1. Julie and Tertia had their babies. I have never met these women, but I could not be more excited that their arduous, at times completely unfair journies have resulted in fulfillment for them both. 2. Cecily went on a cruise, and continues to be a stronger, older, wiser, version of myself. At least, I like to flatter myself that way. 3. Little flirtatious slapper-fights that turn into kissing between me and Stephen. 4. A stand-up comedy show Steve and I saw while having a nice night in parked in front of the tube with our jammies on last night, which was Comedy Central Presents: Frank Caliendo, who is one of those guys who "does voices." His most famous impersonation is John Madden, and despite the fact that his natural speaking voice sounds absolutely, 100% nothing like John Madden, whatsoever, he can lapse into John Madden's voice without skipping a beat. He also does an amazing Dubya impersonation, and other voices like Al Pacino, and random characters. What's great is that when he really gets going, once he's introduced all the voices, they'll reappear as if there are several people having a conversation on stage. For example, during Caliendo's routine about Scooby Doo, Dubya "reappeared" and said, "you mean to tell me, there's a dog that can talk?" All of that is preamble to the actual pivotal moment of the show, at least for me, which is when one of Caliendo's "characters", an elderly woman smoking a cigarette and expressing disapproval for his act, takes her hand, held up with the two fingers upraised in that classic smoker's gesture, and makes a reference to "Little Bunny Frou-Frou." And guessed it...John Madden sang Little Bunny Frou Frou. And I proceeded to laugh so hard Stephen asked after a while if I was allright. I laughed so hard it turned into a coughing fit, and then I went back to laughing. I laughed right into the commercial--a huge, whooping, gut-cleansing burst of guffawing so huge that, even hours later, I was having "aftershock laughs", smaller spells when I'd even think about that moment. Right now, I'm managing to keep from laughing writing about it, but I am grinning like a friggin' idiot. Isn't something like that great? What causes it varies from person to person, but I think that everyone has these moments every so often, when something just strikes them funny and they just drop absolutely everything, from a scowl to shopping bags, and laugh till their stomach hurts. At least, I hope so. 5. I get obsessed with songs. This may just be me. But generally every two weeks or so there's a song that grabs me and I have to hear it at least five times every day, no exaggeration. For a while it was "100 Years" by Five for Fighting; currently it's "Simple Kind of Man" covered by Shinedown (it was originally by Lynyrd Skynyrd, if you can believe that)unplugged in the WAAF studios. Go there. Download. Listen. Seriously. There's just something about it, how raw it is, especially the vocals. And the fact that, singing along with it in the car today, I discovered something: despite years now of smoking and ill-use, my voice can still ring out of me loud and clear and fierce when I want really want it to.