AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: Fate in 2005 DATE: 1/01/2005 02:35:00 AM ----- BODY:
Here's an odd paradox about your fate in 2005: You will get as close to your true home as you have ever been, and yet you'll also be teased and intrigued by a provocative mystery. Let me say it another way: More than at any other time in your life, you will feel like you truly belong here--and yet you'll often be amazed at how enigmatic everything is. I'll give you one more angle on the confounding security that will visit you in the coming months: You'll have an uncanny sense of being cared for by a mother goddess, even as you keep delving further than ever before into the riddles of your unpredictable destiny. (Free Will Astrology)
Well...the year the Red Sox won it all is officially over. But, the year in which George W. Bush was, astoundingly, elected a second time--by a landslide in the popular vote, even--is over as well. The year an earthquake and tsunami threw the Earth into disarray is over--although its impact is surely not. The year I moved into my very first apartment is over. The year I move into my very first house is that much closer. I hope. I hope. To my amazement: I hope. That's a gift I haven't always had. Here we are in 2005. May it exceed, and not just succeed, 2004.