AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: Jig's Up DATE: 1/19/2005 09:39:00 AM ----- BODY:
Allright, people. Enough pussyfooting around. Heh. Pussyfooting. Heh. GOD I'm a freak. Okay. Two days ago, I bit the bullet and installed a Statcounter on my site. Just a little free one, doesn't record the search terms or anything, so if you got here by searching for "Kathy Bates bukkake porn", your secret is still safe. But I thought I'd just crunch the numbers a little bit, you know, put a value on this website and how many people it confuses enrages brings joy to every day. You know what I found out? I found out that in the past two days alone, this page has been loaded 120 times. I've had 85 unique visitors. Of those, eleven of you are apparently "first time visitors". Now, these aren't gaudy stats by anyone's standards, and certainly don't hold a candle to some of the big blogs out there, but the thing that really sticks out in my mind about this number is how different it is from the number showing next to "Comments" below each of these entries. Come on people. Can you really have nothing to say back to me? Even if it's "hey, Beth, you linkwhore, what the fuck!??!" it's better than nothing. Better than poor Michele plugging along commenting to appease my ego (not that I don't appreciate it, girl!). And for Pete's sake, if you're a first time visitor, for the love of God introduce yourself. I promise I won't bite... ...hard.* _____________________________________________ * Yes, I am aware I ripped this off of Austin Powers. No wonder nobody comments. I'm a hack.