AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: One More Thing DATE: 1/15/2005 02:00:00 PM ----- BODY:
...before I stop dwelling on middle school (because frankly, who needs that?) I wonder, given the strides I've seen taken in both education and parenting (for better or for worse) in the decade or so since I was in the lake of fire that was middle school, with its torturous rites of social passage, if any of that has gotten better for kids? If all the Barney-oriented, "I love you, you love me," attitudes and peer counseling and crisis interventions and eyes that were opened after Columbine have meant that there are fewer kids thinking the thought, as I did nearly every day in sixth grade, "Just don't let them see you cry, because then, all is lost"? All I can say is, scoff all you want at "touchy feely" child-rearing, but if it's made that difference, I'm all for it.