AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: Shudder DATE: 1/21/2005 02:11:00 PM ----- BODY:
In her lawsuit, Lori Klinger, 35, said she experienced severe pain after Dr Samuel Owusu performed a diagnostic laparoscopy on her in November 2002 to check for endometriosis, a condition where some of the uterus lining is found outside the uterus. She said when she called Owusu later complaining of pain, he said it was normal and told her to take pain medication. "(Klinger) had called him and said this really hurts," said Klinger's lawyer, Jane Sebelin. "He just kept saying, 'Deal with it."' Two days later, she went to the bathroom and an instrument emerged from her vagina, the lawsuit said. Klinger said it was sharp on one end with a rubber bulb on the other.