AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: Westward Huh? DATE: 1/11/2005 10:09:00 AM ----- BODY:
Devin showed up in his uniform. He works for customs and he carries a gun. Something I find hilarious even to this day. He took out his gun, emptyied it and pointed it in my direction. Now, 25 years of After-School Specials taught me never to point a gun at anyone ever! So I get a little agitated. He laughs. Not funny. I make this known. To break the tension I light a cigarette and Devin, his roommate and I start talking. Devin and I begin to reminicse about France. It was a fun stroll down memory lane. I was actually enjoying myself. That is until Devin started talking...
Kellie has posted Part I of her retrospective on her trip West. Go give it a read. I promise you will not be disappointed.* _____________________________________________ *Please note: this is not a money-back guarantee. After all, I have no way of knowing if you have a sense of humor or good reading comprehension skills beforehand.