AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: Always Be a Good Boy, Don't Ever Play With Guns DATE: 2/15/2005 03:23:00 PM ----- BODY:
As long as I'm obsessing about Joaquin Phoenix, I want to also note that, according to one of his fansites, his next role will be the young Johnny Cash in Walk the Line. Which I'm a casual fan of Johnny Cash and an avid fan of Joaquin, so I've got two great reasons to see this film, even in addition to my general rule that no matter what a movie looks like in reviews and previews, if it has Joaquin in it, I will at least give it a chance. But still. Sure, Joaquin can at least look the part--sort of. After bulking up considerably and having an entire can of Crisco combed through his hair, he basically looks like the youngest, most idealized Johnny Cash ever. But the guy can't sing, can't play an instrument--and by his own admission he was surprised to be offered the part for those reasons. Which basically means that the only way this movie is going to be anything short of an excruciating experience for someone who admires both Cash and Joaquin is if it's a "behind the scenes" story rather than another La Bamba. But how can you make a movie about Johnny Cash without making his music central? How can someone play Johnny Cash without his rolling, rumbling bass speaking voice, let alone while lip-synching the songs? This is going to sound ridiculous to anyone who's not...well, who's not me. But the stakes are very high, here. It's hard to explain why, but I feel like I would die of mortification if I ever had to watch Joaquin bomb. I've probably got nothing to worry about... I've had this fear with, actually, most of his movies, and he has never, not once, let me down. Not one time, even if the movie as a whole has been a complete piece of crap. I keep telling myself this.