AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: Blog Interviews, Part XI DATE: 2/11/2005 06:40:00 AM ----- BODY:
Curly McDimple of Ham and Cheese on Wry (best! blog title! ever!) who is really an okay sort, even if she IS a Yankee fan... How did you get into blogging? I started working at the same company as The Lovely Jessica of Blind Cavefish fame (which is also where the equally lovely Sheila of The Sheila Variations works). I frequently read both Jess's and Sheila's blogs but never really gave much thought to doing it myself. Jess and I rabidly sent Instant Messages back and forth throughout the day to make our time at miserable job a bit more tolerable. After reading a few of my doozies, Jess suggested I take up blogging. It took a bit of prodding but after months of coaxing and a guest stint on BCF, I hatched my ridiculous blog. What do you think was your best post ever? I think a lot of my best stuff comes across when I'm poking fun at lesbian stereotypes, my Scottish parents, reality TV, online dating, etc. However, now and then I'll channel my vulnerable side and write something that isn't entirely cheeky and shallow. Looking back and judging by the date stamps, this usually happens when I have PMS. On one of those hormone-fueled occasions, I touched upon coming out to my best friends and the heartbreak that prompted it. It was called The Requisite Essay on Pride. I don't know if I ever wrote a post as quickly as this one. The words and feelings just flowed. I didn't go back and edit it to death like I normally do. It helped me work through some residual issues and helped me develop some much-needed focus. I would love nothing more than to share my experiences to help someone elese who is confused, isolated and/or scared because of his/her sexuality. I've always wanted to pursue being published (in a periodical or book, not online) and now I feel like there's a point and purpose to it. I found my muse. What is your favorite blog, other than your own? For both sentimental reasons and because I adore her wit and sass, I have to say Blind Cavefish. Jess is a rock star. Does your blog have a main theme or goal? I just write about what pops into my head. I try to keep it light and airy. Once in a blue moon I may touch on something political or serious but those times are few and far between. I fully embrace the fact that my blog is vapid, self-indulgent and downright silly. Do those in your personal life know about your blog? Why or why not? Only a select few. Knowledge of my blog parallels knowledge of my personal life and both are highly guarded to a degree. My family knows nothing of my blog. Um, they also don't know what a blog is. Even if they did, I wouldn't tell them since I often write about my lesbionic ways. I also use the "F" word quite a bit and I think that would upset my mother just as much as my lesbianism would. She hates profanity, you see. In general, do you think blogging has a greater social value? I like that people are sharing their thoughts and feelings and connecting with others as a result. I like too how I stumble across blogs across the political spectrum and find myself enjoying/agreeing with people (sometimes) that I wouldn't normally encounter in my day to day life. As long as bloggers remain respectful and don't use the ease of one-click publishing and anonymous commenting to flame and degrade others, I think blogging has unlimited potential. Lastly, what do you think of my blog? I admire your honesty, I enjoy your wit and I appreciate how you deftly blend the two in your writing. In other words, I dig your blog... even if you are a Red Sox fan.