AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: Blog Interviews, Part XIV DATE: 2/23/2005 11:40:00 AM ----- BODY:
Dan and Amber from According to Dan and According to Amber. I first discovered them after they were linked on Broad at Bat, and I was impressed by the raw honesty of especially Amber's posts... Dan: How did you get into blogging? A good friend of mine had a blog, and I read it, and liked his ability to express what was on his mind. I started a vanilla blogspot blog, then Amber and I purchased a domain for our vanilla blogs (under our "real names",) and did that for about a year. The problem was, no one but Amber and I and The Kids were reading it. We also wanted to talk about some more adult stuff without our adult children having an insight into our sex life, so "ddhubby" and "ddwife" were created. After we stopped "doing DD," we created ATA and ATD. What do you think was your best post ever? I have no idea. I don't write to show my ability with words, but generally to express an idea or tell a funny story. That's a question for my readers. What is your favorite blog, other than your own? Amber's, obviously. Does your blog have a main theme or goal? It's basically a way for me to talk about my life. I'm incredibly lucky in my life and there's a big part of me that wants to share that with people. Amber and I talk about the things that are important to us in great detail between us, and when we discover something we think might help others, I get the urge to write about it. That, and I like telling stories about my life and my wife and my kids and playing poker. I'm just an outspoken kind of guy, I guess. Do those in your personal life know about your blog? Why or why not? No, because we frankly discuss issues of our sexuality. I wouldn't be comfortable with the people I work with, or my extended family, knowing that Amber and I enjoy a D/s, quasi-BDSM lifestyle. I'm in no way ashamed of it -- but most "vanilla" people Just Don't Get It, and relations with MY family are strained enough without their puritcanical judgementalism coming down on me, or my wife, (whom most of them have never met.) In general, do you think blogging has a greater social value? It has a huge social value. It's the 21st century version of oral histories being passed down through the generations. Since blogs tend to either participate in or generate a community of sorts, it's a fantastic way for each virtual community to share information, history, lore, legend, whatever. When you look at the more "journalistic" blogs, the self-publishing craze has been a fascinating thing to watch and empowering beyond belief. The whole "Rathergate" thing was debunked in a few HOURS in the blogs, it just took MSM a few WEEKS to catch up to what the rest of us knew. Giving people the tools and ability to express themselves is the current maximum fulfillment of the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution; I know that there are other bloggers in other countries, but to me the concept of what a blog represents would make perfect sense to our Founding Fathers. Lastly, what do you think of my blog? Sorry, I haven't read it. I'll see if I can find the time. I tend to read very few blogs due to time limitations.
Amber: How did you get into blogging? My husband and I started keeping vanilla blogs three years ago so our various extended family members across the USA could keep up with our lives and also, simply so we could amuse ourselves by writing whatever we felt like regarding politics, religion and Life in General. One day we ran across "anonymous" or "secret" bloggers and realized it would be even more fun to have blogs where we would not have to censor anything we said. These blogs have become a cathartic and fun way to express a private side of ourselves that we would never want our family members or friends to know about us in a bazillion years. What do you think was your best post ever? Actually, it was on the old vanilla blog, about a day out wine tasting in a brand-spanking new convertible with my daughter. But the best post I've ever done on my current blog would probably have to be the mammothly long and possibly snoringly boring to anyone else, "The Story of Us", where I chronicle how my husband and I met, fell in love, dealt with LDR problems and created a family together. What is your favorite blog, other than your own? My husband's blog is my favorite, of course. But outside of Dan's blog, (the plugging of which smacks of nepotism, doesn't it?) I have to say Sarah's blog: Beautiful writing, very romantic too. She and her fiance are filled with love for one another. But be warned; just as on my blog, there is a lot of adult content at times. Does your blog have a main theme or goal? Not really, although some people seem to think I have a sexual theme. I don't. I just blog about whatever I feel like blogging about. No holds barred. Do those in your personal life know about your blog? Why or why not? Nobody knows about our blogs. We are very frank about our sexuality when we feel like sharing such things and I'm sure our friends/family members would be horrified. Or laughing very hard, one or the other. In general, do you think blogging has a greater social value? I think it might. I think it's too early to tell what this blogging phenomenon means, if anything, as far as any lasting impact upon society. But it is possible that there is something that will come out of this that we cannot yet perceive.. Lastly, what do you think of my blog? I love your template. Very clean and easy to read, unlike many others. And you write very well. I look forward to reading more about you, Beth. And thanks for the chance to think about the questions you've written.