AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: I Am Going to Lose My Job DATE: 2/25/2005 09:33:00 AM ----- BODY:
...and it will be for reasons of "uncontrolled, inexplicable and highly inappropriate laughter at work". And Kevin the One-Armed Boy will be solely to blame. Because I know how way leads on to way in the blogosphere, and I never want to lose this precious nugget of hilarity, let me reprint it in its entirety:
Fizz and Deebs and now a triumphant return to the "me and freakin' Deebs, man" genre..... So this one time me and Deebs was down at Fizz's house. Freakin Fizz man, that dude is mental. So Deebs sez "Hey Fizz man, you got any grilled cheeses?" and freakin Fizz just goes ape. He starts screamin' at Deebs about bein' a leech and always tryin' to hork grilled cheeses at his house and how his mom don't buy groceries just so Deebs can stuff his cake hole with their food. I mean he was screamin'. And you wouldn't believe it man. Freakin' Deebs starts cryin' like a little girl and that just makes Fizz madder. Fizz got him in a headlock and starts runnin' around the whole house draggin' Deebs and givin' him the dutch rub and callin' him a cheese leech. Deebs pants started fallin' down and his crack was hangin' out and all the while he was makin' sounds like freakin' dolphin. I was laughin' so hard it hurt man. Fizz got tired after awhile so he let Deebs go and Deebs just kinda slumped in a pile on the floor. Man, you shoulda been there. Editor's Note: While this story is completely made up I went to high school and hung out with individuals such as Fizz and Deebs. Trust me, this story could have actually happened.
Know what I LOVE about Kevin? He posts things like this every so often with absolutely no explanation, context or reasoning whatsoever. It's just out there, take it or leave it. Kevin the One-Armed Boy, man. What the fuck.