AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: I've Lost the Urge to Work DATE: 2/08/2005 04:02:00 PM ----- BODY:
That's what Heather used to say all the time when we were in school. Popping in a tape of South Park or flicking to Kids in the Hall, she'd say that, sit back and sip a cup of tea, and just not do a damn thing. That was a gift she had. I don't share it. So I end up realizing as it nears the end of the workday and yet another project is plopped down on my desk at the last minute, necessitating a probable late stay here followed by a story followed by filing the story followed, also probably, by a late-night plow through the guard rail and into the Merrimack River when I fall asleep at the wheel, and rather than a cup of tea and some jammies and a stupid television show I just punish my fatigue with more work, because eventually, see... I just figured out that by the time I sleep next I will have worked almost 40 hours in two days. This following an extremely short night after the Super Bowl. Heather had the right idea. The total right idea. Although I'd probably kick back with some Chappelle's Show and some Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, mmmmmmm! the little mini ones! My eyes feel like they've had Krazy Glue poured in them. Does it get any more tired than me at this moment? Ah, but self-pity is such a delicious emotion.