AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: Mean-Spirited Mirth DATE: 2/10/2005 01:08:00 PM ----- BODY:
Nothing like someone willing to go that extra mile for blogfodder, you know, like posting something that could get them fired, expelled and / or killed. Because that kind of stuff is always interesting--and there's always the possibility that further blogfodder could come from that blogger being fired, expelled, and / or killed, which I look upon as a two-fer. Meanwhile, I chuckled at this post, because if you leave out the poor teacher who has to re-grade all the papers, it really was a funny idea. Although this commenter's suggestion that the blogger "rescan these all in the same size, and then put them up on bittorrent instead of the UT webserver" is, erm...probably good advice. The post also reminded me that, no matter how much the working world can suck, I'm glad beyond words not to be in college anymore, or ever again. (Via Wank)