AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: Sent By Kim DATE: 2/08/2005 03:51:00 PM ----- BODY:
with the subject heading, "Score one for the home team":
So there it is. That's the priority of the main person charged with looking out for our kid's educational lives by the U.S. government. Not increasing funding for math or science teaching. Not attempting to make safer or more habitable the thousands of inner-city schools falling down and often the last safe haven for kids. Not tackling the test scores of U.S. children which regularly rank lower than many other western democracies. Not lauding and lifting up the teachers and administrators who every day try their best to take care of the children we entrust in their care. Spelling's priority it would seem is to act as a mouthpiece for cultural forces which view any shift towards the dread philosophy of "tolerance" for others, as a secret code word for "accepting" "homosexual lifestyles." From the Chelmsford Independent.