AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: So That's Why My StatCounter Went Crazy DATE: 2/18/2005 06:18:00 AM ----- BODY:
The other day I wrote a thing about red Ford F150s and how they seem to stand at least as much of a chance of killing me as cigarettes (but are less fun) and today I discovered a trackback down there, which is even better than a comment because it means that someone took the time to write something of their own about what you wrote, instead of just saying u r teh sux0r! (which is not to mean that I don't absolutely love everyone who leaves comments to a frightening degree--trackback is like extra-special BONUS COMMENT, though). Anyway, it turns out that someone named Carpundit, who has a Typepad site (SO JEALOUS), linked to my blog after reading it on Universal Hub, and to another blogger named Beth who apparently has also suffered at the hands of red Ford F150s. Perhaps this is merely a Beth-related affliction? However, Carpundit points out:'s not really that weird. The F-150 has been the single best-selling vehicle in America for more than 20 years. They're only giving you their proportionate share of trouble.
To which I can only say: it was YOU, WASN'T IT!?!? Anyway, in the past few weeks I've encountered about ten trillion bloggers I never knew existed who are named Beth. Perhaps Beths are taking over the blogosphere? Also, we have Carpundit, VodkaPundit, Allah Pundit, InstaPundit, and so on, ad must only be a matter of time before there's a Beth Pundit. And I bet it'll be some other Beth, and she'll beat me to it and have a Typepad site. Pleh.