AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: Soggy DATE: 2/10/2005 08:04:00 AM ----- BODY:
weather man 1. a congenital liar. 2. a grinning dip-stick in the oil pan of local news. 3. a compulsive gambler whose only hope of ever winning a wager is to visit Las Vegas in mid-August. see also weather girl. weather girl a woman who waited till the last minute to enroll in her journalism courses and was left with Meteorology 227: Streaking and Highlighting. see also weather man. --Devil's Dictionary X
Mother Nature is still a ho. But my reverse-psychology of yesterday definitely backfired. Instead of snow, we got rain. Enough rain, actually, to melt most of the snow that was already on the ground. So it wasn't just not-snow, it was more like the anti-snow. Guess I got my ass kicked. That seems to be a theme lately.