AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: Telephone, Twilight Zone DATE: 2/25/2005 03:33:00 PM ----- BODY:

Telemarketer: Ms. [grossly butchers my last name], Hi!!!!!!!! We'rejustcallingtorenewyourabsolutelyfreebuscrip--scuse me supscr--scuse me subscription of [Some Stupid Industry Mag] for [Company] in [grossly butchers the relatively simple name of the location of Company] isthatcorrect? Me: Yep. Telemarketer: OkayandcouldIalsogetyourcompanysphysicalmailingaddressplease? Me: [Gives company mailing address, gets to hear telemarketer butcher the location name again and again confirming, all the while talking like the Micromachines guy] Telemarketer: Okaythanksverymuchthat'sreallygreatandnowIjustneedtoaskyouacoupleofquestions that'lltakejustthirtysecondsofyourtimewouldthatbeokaywithyou? Me: Sure. Telemarketer: OkayfirstofallIneedtoconfirmthatyouarestillthe [job title] at [Company]? Me: Yep. Telemarketer: Okayandwouldyousayyouhaveinputintothedesignofyourcompanyproduct? Me: Nope. Telemarketer: [Suddenly speaking normally] matter how long you work there, you'll never have any kind of impact on even a single product design? Me: Nope. Telemarketer: Oh. [long pause] Well, that's kind of not good to hear. Me: Um. Sorry?