AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: Thunderbird DATE: 2/25/2005 02:24:00 PM ----- BODY:
One thing you need to understand is, when Tim calls me "Honeycakes", it's not weird. No, really. He has little nicknames for everyone, often calling people "Sassy-Pants" or "Mamma Jamma" for no apparent reason. I forget the context but he essentially started calling me "Honeycakes" to piss me off. He continued because it was effective. Anyway, he and I went out last night to pick up the final remaining component of the new computer he's building me--a 120 G hard drive. It speaks to how long it's been since I upgraded that the last time I was in the market for a hard drive, 80 G was impressive. The other parts, including case, motherboard, sound card, video card, cooling units, memory, and processor, have trickled in over the past month or so, ever since that conversation that ended with me saying, "Allright, let's do it." Now he has all the pieces; he dug them all out of boxes full of those obnoxious packing peanuts last night, lifting the lid of the boxes to show me all the tiny sub-pieces that he'll use tiny screwdrivers to assemble. Tim is gifted. I trust Tim utterly with my technology; the boy's a savant. He is also anal--insisting on copper cooling units, for example. This thing is going to be like a hot rod of the computer world: souped-up, tricked out, custom. And it still came in at around $500 even, if you include the new monitor I bought. But the best part is that it's being made by a friend. A friend who stood back to survey the intricate little machinery parts laid out before him last night and said, with satisfaction, "Nothing but the best for my Honeycakes."