AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: What It's Like When Worlds Collide DATE: 2/01/2005 03:44:00 PM ----- BODY:
Way leads on to way in the blogosphere once again. A few years ago, at my old job, I overheard a coworker who had worked in the past as a Special Ed teacher excitedly asking another coworker if they had heard of Tardblog. When the answer was in the negative, this coworker was all, "OMG you have to check it out the address is aich-tee-tee-pee..." So I did what any good eavesdropper would do; I dutifully punched in each of the keys my coworker was naming until voila! there was the original tardblog in all its glory. Now, look. I would imagine that some of you out there may be offended by this site. Even by the use of the word "tard" in its title. That's fine. I'm not going to try to defend it to you if you find it offensive; this here Intraweb is big enough for people who hate the very idea of Tardblog and people who absolutely adore it. I, and most of my friends, fall squarely in the latter category. Once I'd read, and guffawed at, most of the entries, I introduced Tim and Andy to Tardblog. And before we knew it there were a few nights over at Tim's house where all we did--all. we. did.--was drink and take turns reading the stories out loud to each other. The number one absolute best utter masterpiece of a Tardblog story was the one where Tyrell flips out at a basketball game. Seriously, you will lose any PC pretension you might have reading this story, and simply laugh so hard you will be unable to operate heavy machinery for several days. Look, I swear I'm not going to defend Tardblog, but I will say this: it's not what you think. It's a way for these teachers to get across what they and the kids they have to try to educate have to deal with every day. It's a way for them to get perspective and laugh, and let's face it, a lot of these stories are just...there isn't a strong enough word in the dictionary for how funny they are. Ultimately, though? If there is a moral? It's about how utterly terrifying the state of parenting in general is in our world. But mostly, it's just hilarious. OK, I just defended it. Whatever. ANY.WAY. Through Tardblog, I stumbled onto the site of the infamous Tucker Max. A similar phenomenon to Tardblog; not something I necessarily want to like, but something I have to just suck it up and admit I enjoy. Because while I'm sure an actual encounter between me and Tucker would result in nothing short of mutual homicide, his stories, from a safe distance, are simply classic. My personal favorite is the famous sushi-pants episode, which I swear I picked out on my own, goddamnit, but now the site says "If you're new, start with this one." Thanks a pantload, Tucker. ANY. WAY. I am really trying to get to the point here. Really. So for a while, I went through a weird phase with the Internet where I was only frequenting sites I couldn't admit to my mother I liked. Tucker. Tardblog. Maddox. Others I won't name. Okay, so if I can give you more long-winded background material... My Sports Blog, which has become a creature with a true mind of its own (it was started to unclutter this one and now oustrips it in virtually every traffic statistic by a ratio of at least 4:1), has led me on to a whole different phase of web-surfing, and that phase can best be described as...far-flung. I read sites, found in one way or another through a new network of sports-blog readers, authored by an actress / bibliophile in NYC, an infertile woman who just had a baby, a tragically fabulous gay man, a law student in Boston, and that law student's friend. And what did I encounter upon first visiting that law student's friend's blog? In his linkbar: Tucker Max. And Maddox. So I clicked on over, wondering how my old "friends" were doing. Turns out the two of them have formed an unholy alliance that a commenter on the law student's friend's blog theorized "[has] the postential for disaster that the rubbing of the Indian and Sumatran plates unleashed on Sri Lanka. We should be thankful that it went along placidly." Oh, and there's there's a new Tardblog. Which just goes to show...that every so often...if we are just patient...miracles DO happen. Go on and enjoy it. I won't tell anybody.