AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: Dear John Letter DATE: 3/31/2005 03:06:00 PM ----- BODY:
It's over, Blogger. It's over. I don't mean to hurt your feelings, and I'm hoping we can still be at least acquaintances, if not friends. I've got a lot of important memories I'm leaving with you. I will try my hardest not to speak ill of you, or interfere in your future relationships. But as for me--I just can't deal with it anymore. The eaten posts. The sign-in problems. Ctrl+A, right click, copy, every five seconds just in case you decide to give me a 404 in the middle of everything. I can't deal with the lack of options. Why haven't you gotten with the times, Blogger? Offered hosting, trackback, a comments system more like Haloscan's? Why haven't you allowed bloggers to put content behind cuts like LiveJournal? Why do I have to go elsewhere for tracking? Why won't you let me be emailed whenever my comments are updated? Why won't you let me syndicate? Maybe it's not you--maybe it's me. Maybe my needs have changed since we met. Maybe I've just outgrown you. I'm sure you can provide a great service for some new person; and you still have a lot of future ahead of you. My advice, though, is to get back to your original appeal, which was that you offered a service incorporating the best features of your competitors for free. It just isn't like that anymore. I know you gave me lots of fun freebies like gmail and Picasa, and I appreciate them. But I soon caught on that I could've gotten gmail easily elsewhere, and Picasa fails in comparison to Photobucket. And what's so hard about giving me even 100Mb of free hosting? Even Tripod does that. But the real deal-breaker, Blogger, is that for months now, you haven't been there when I needed you. You used to be as easy as email--sign in, blah blah, publish, done. You were truly "push-button publishing for the people." Your templates were easily customizeable. Then, things changed. I don't know if it was when you were acquired by Google, or what happened, but all of a sudden your template options were reduced to essentially one template in different colors, written in such heiroglyphs and javascript as to be unmanageable, and they never work. Have you noticed how many new blogs have lost their sidebar way at the bottom of the page because of the crappiness of your design? Have you made any efforts to offer new ones? I think you know the answer. You're unavailable. You're unresponsive. I've never once found current or relevant information on your "Status" or "Known Problems" page, and oftentimes what's there might as well be written in Sanskrit. You're offering a push-button interface for the web-design challenged; that's your entire raison d' etre. And yet the copy on your "Knowledge" and other FAQ-type pages is written for the professional software engineer. What's up with that? Oh, and I would be writing this letter to you directly? But you've got no way for me to contact a person. So I'm off. I've found a new home, and I'm taking my readers with me. I harbor no hard feelings toward you; I only wanted to make the problems known so you could improve. Truly, I wish you the best, but this is once and for all goodbye. Sincerely, Beth. The rest of you, please update your blogrolls accordingly, and please please please come join me in my new home!