AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: Enough About Me... DATE: 3/15/2005 02:26:00 PM ----- BODY:
...never thought I'd say it, did you? Well, Tertia inspired me (she has also been ceremonially added to my blogroll). Here's the survey she put up on her blog (modified slightly): 1. What do we have in common? Bitchiness? Craziness? Being gorgeous and divine? All of the above? 2. How did you find me? 3. Do you comment? If yes, thanks! If no, how come you don't? 4. What aspects of my blog (if any) do you enjoy? 5. What do you wish our conversations were more about? 6. What do you wish I would shut up about? 7. Where are you from? 8. Lastly, any tips, suggestions, adorations or pieces of assvice? Now is the time for any lurkers to de-lurk, and I know you're out there. I've had almost 6,000 hits on this blog in two months, but I average probably three comments per entry, if that. So there are vastly more of you than you're letting on.