AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: It's a Camry! DATE: 3/19/2005 04:19:00 PM ----- BODY:
At this rate, I will never be able to handle having children. Or a house, for that matter. Buying a new car despite the fact that I was somewhat forced into it, despite the fact that I have been scrupulously saving money and could afford to put down more than 50% for a brand-new vehicle (and what else was I saving for?), despite the fact that my dad went with me and helped me get a good deal, was an experience so stressful I was rendered nearly catatonic today after writing out a match for the biggest check I've ever seen with my own eyes, let alone written myself. Phew. Of course, another component to my panic is the fact that you don't just buy a car and drive it off the lot--some bank delays will mean I don't actually pick her (yes, I personify my cars, deal with it) up until Thursday the earliest. So as far as my reptilian brain knows, today I signed over fully half of the nest egg I've been jealously guarding for two years and got nothing but a few sheets of paper in return. The alarm bells are a-jangling. Still, my father told me, during a day in which I think he and I discussed every important life issue I now face in my life, from prospective marriage, house, family to my career direction to learning how to manage my weight, it's one thing to be cautious. Another to be consumed. Again, something I understand intellectually, and can't even begin to fathom in reality. One thing, though, everyone can agree on: she's a beauty.