AUTHOR: Beth TITLE: Why Do They Hate America? DATE: 3/24/2005 10:13:00 AM ----- BODY:
It's interesting to see Republicans getting up in arms over the Terry Schiavo case. Just today I've heard or read at least three of the conservatives I come into daily contact with questioning the interventions of Republicans in Congress, as well as President Bush and Florida Governor Jeb Bush in the Terry Schiavo case. Republicans in Congress, especially, seem to be pushing this as a right-to-life issue. President Bush specifically called it "erring on the side of life." I won't even get into the rich ironies of that statement. But what I'm seeing right now are people who are normally staunch defendants of the GOP and Bush saying things like, say, this:
If the law is wrong, then change it. But DO NOT jump into the middle of this shit-storm and say that laws mean one thing when we like they way they go, but they mean NOTHING when political baksheesh can be made. I heard President Bush say today that if mistakes were being made, he chose to "err on the side of life." That may sound like a noble sentiment until you stop to realize that THE PRESIDENT just said that laws of this country don't mean shit to him. By implication, he would wipe his ass on the US Constitution if he "erred on the side of life." That's fucking crazy.
Now, my question is, why is that when liberals questioned other policies of our honorable President, they were told they "hate America", and that their dissent made them "un-American" and that exercising their right to disagree with the President "wiping his ass on the US Constitution" (which some of us believe he and his Attorney General(s) have been doing for YEARS already) meant that they were "traitors"--but when conservatives question this latest outrage on the part of the GOP, they're merely disagreeing? Somebody enlighten me.